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Sarah was born in New York, in 1977, on April 14. It is worth noting that the debut of the actress on the big screen took place in 1981. But wide fame and popularity came to the girl a little later. This was facilitated by numerous teenage roles in American films and TV series. But the biggest success can be considered the main role in the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. In addition, the actress can be seen in films such as “Cruel Games” and “Funny Farm”. And also, in the TV series “Double”, “Sex and the City“, “The Big Bang Theory” and others.

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Naked Sarah Michelle Gellar posed for the popular Maxim magazine. It is worth noting that the erotic photo shoot came out very hot and sexy. For example, a foreign celebrity first appeared in revealing underwear. And after that, she was completely left in what her mother gave birth to. But the actress also has erotic scenes in the movies. And also, we found some piquant celebrity highlights. All the hot photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar naked, see below.

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