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The future star of Hollywood blockbusters was born in 1985 on April 17, in New York. It is worth noting that Rooney has two brothers, as well as an older sister, Kate Mara, who is also an actress. The debut of the young actress took place in 2005 in the film “Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary”. At the same time, the girl got a small episodic role completely by accident. The fact is that that day she came to visit her sister Kate on the set. She was noticed by the director and offered to star in a small episode. After that, there were other third-plan roles in TV series and films. But soon foreign celebrities began to be trusted with more serious roles. However, 2010 can be considered a breakthrough in the career of an actress. For example, several successful films with Rooney’s participation were released this year. And also, she was approved for the main role of Salander in the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. In addition, a couple of years later, Mara was approved for the main role in the film “Side Effect”, while beating Blake Lively on the samples. In total, during his career, the star has already lit up more than fifty projects. Among the best paintings with her participation are:

  • The girl with
  • the Lion Dragon tattoo
  • Women’s Murder Investigation Club
  • She
  • Ambulance
  • Social network

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