Naked from the TV series Versailles

A selection of all the naked actresses from the TV series Versailles, sex scenes.

The premiere of this joint Canadian-French historical series took place in 2015. And since then, the producers have shot three seasons. And the plot tells us about the life and reign of King Louis the 14th of France. He ascended the throne at the age of 4. However, the country was ruled by the Queen Mother and the Cabinet of Ministers. But, the hour has come when his mother died and young Louis needs to take the rule into his own hands. And cunning ministers and nobles do not want to obey the young King, plots are being prepared. However, the monarch, though young, is already smart and has surrounded himself with a powerful and dedicated team with whom they will cope with all difficulties together.

Versailles TV series – naked actresses

As in the Tudors, the Versailles series starred a lot of beautiful and sexy girls. And again, there are foreign actresses from various countries – French, English, Canadian and American. At the same time, all the beautiful girls boldly agreed to undress for bed scenes — and this makes us very happy. Below we have collected all the nude actresses of the Versailles series. Click on the link and go to the full pack of naked celebrity photos.

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