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Supermodel from Israel, Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend, naked Bar Refaeli.

It is worth noting that the girl has been in the modeling business almost from the cradle. So, for example, when she was not even a year old, she was already advertising films. But starting from the age of 15, she began to appear on the covers of such fashion magazines as Vogue, GQ and others. And in 2012 and 2013, she was recognized as the most beautiful and sexy woman by Maxim magazine.

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As we wrote above, a celebrity appears naked in various magazines from a young age. Her erotic photo shoots will not leave anyone indifferent. But in addition to the official photos, we have hotter pictures for you. For example, her personal selfies were recently stolen from her phone. Leaked photos of naked Bar Refaeli we will also show you today. But be careful in a public place. Since in these pictures you will see not only the naked breasts and ass of a celebrity. But also, you will be able to see her pussy.

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