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Young Russian streamer from twitch, nude Modestal has leaked a photo.

The real name of the blogger is Ksenia Shilova, born in 1999 on April 16, in the city of Magnitogorsk. It is worth noting that the girl began her career on Twitch back in 2016. However, in the beginning, she didn’t have that many followers. Everything changed by chance. In one of the streams, Ksyusha’s brother, Andrei, accidentally got into the frame. This incident caught the attention of the public. And later, brother and sister began to conduct joint streams. It is worth noting that some evil tongues attribute a romance to Andrew and Xenia, comparing them to the Lannistars from Game of Thrones. But whatever it was, this couple is very popular on the net.

Leaked photo of Ksyusha Modestal

As we said above, the blogger is very popular. And this is largely due to the girl’s sexy appearance. Of course, many fans want to strip her naked. And today such an opportunity has appeared – a hot streamer leaked into the network. However, most of the photos from this leaked are difficult to categorize as porn. But still, they are all very erotic. See full leaks Modestal below.

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