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The Danish woman was born in 1987 on October 11. It is worth noting that a foreign celebrity has been overweight since childhood. But having matured, the girl decided to change her life radically and began to intensively attend the gym. However, today Mia has achieved success not only in her sports career, but also in the modeling business. So, for example, many name brands offer curvaceous models offer very lucrative contracts. In addition, Mia Sand actively maintains her blog on Instagram, where she sometimes uploads her candid photos.

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As we wrote above, you can look at naked Mia Sand on her pages on social networks. It is worth noting that sometimes the athlete uploads very spicy pictures. So, for example, in some photographs the girl is naked, but covers the causal places with her palms. And those pictures, where the model is in a swimsuit, only emphasize the beauty and sexuality of the athletic body. But we also found other erotic photo shoots where leaks naked Mia Sand poses for magazine photographers. See the entire selection of intimate photos below.

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