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The future foreign celebrity was born in 1983 on February 21, in Paris. It is worth noting that the girl’s father is an actor, and her mother taught ballet. Thus, Melanie herself was drawn to the world of art from a young age. But she did not want to become a ballerina, but the acting profession attracted her. The debut of the young actress took place in the late 90s, in the film “The Bridge between two shores”. After that, there were many roles in films and TV series. At the same time, the star starred both in Hollywood and at home. Among her best works are:

  • Inglorious bastards
  • Paris
  • My heart stopped beating
  • The illusion of deception
  • The Ghostly Six
  • But on top of everything else, our star is also a screenwriter and director. For example, she has already made several cool films, including “The Abyss”.

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At various times, the French actress nude took part in erotic photo shoots of various magazines. But more than one magazine has not been able to persuade the Frenchwoman to strip naked. But in the bed scenes of the movie naked Melanie Laurent appeared quite often. At the same time, the girl calmly treated such scenes where it was necessary to show not only her breasts and ass, but also an unshaven vagina. The sex scenes with Laurent are really an exciting sight.

But the Hollywood star’s fans were also pleased with hackers who stole and leaked her personal intimate selfies to the Internet. In these frames, the celebrity takes pictures of himself in front of the mirror first in one T-shirt. But then her naked tits and her vagina spread with her fingers appear on the frames. All these leaked and other hot photos of Melanie Laurent nude, see below.

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