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As it turned out, the real name of the Russian celebrity is Ekaterina Morozenko. Born in 1998 on October 3, lives in Naberezhnye Chelny, married. It is worth noting that the girl has artistic talents. However, she managed to become famous thanks to streams on YouTube and Twitch. The blogger has a special way of speaking quickly. In addition, the star dyed her hair a bright pink. And her clothes are very sexy, frank and even provocative. As for her streams, the girl on twitch broadcasts her games to the PC. And her YouTube videos are about a wide variety of topics. But Katya also has a large army of followers on Instagram, where she posts very candid and hot photos.

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As we wrote above, it is quite easy to see the naked streamer of Twitch and YouTube today. To do this, you just need to visit her Instagram page. But we managed to find other, more candid pictures with a naked blogger. In these leaked telegrams, Chio Yam is nude frolicking with her husband. You can even say that this is almost family porn. The whole leaked Chio Yam nude and other hot photos, see below.

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