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It is worth noting that Busta is the Russian equivalent of such sites as Onlyfans and Patreon. That is, the platform allows media personalities to earn donations. At the same time, they share their creativity with fans. And the latter pay for a subscription to their pages. But as in the case of Onlyfans, Buste is primarily used by bloggers, streamers, webcam models and porn actresses. But this is not surprising. After all, they also want to make money on their naked photos.

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As we wrote above, any content on this platform is paid. That is, to watch porn photos or videos of a particular star, you need to subscribe to it for a month or a year. At the same time, subscriptions are paid, and the price is set by the girl herself. But we have monitored a lot of sites and found a large number of hot merged with the Boosty. These are mostly popular Russian bloggers and streamers, there are singers and actresses. The most interesting and candid of them we have collected in this article. Below you will find a large collection of hot photos leaked by Boosty.

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