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The real name of the Russian celebrity is Anna Pokrovskaya. The future star of TikTok was born in 1999 on December 15, in Volgograd. It is worth noting that there is no detailed information about Anya’s childhood and adolescence. But now the girl lives, studies and works in Moscow. She became famous on the Internet thanks to her interesting and very positive videos and posts. To date, more than 3 million people have subscribed to the star on Instagram. And on TikTok, she managed to collect an army of 6 million subscribers. But not a small role in this was played by the participation of the girl in the Dream Tim House.

Nude Anya Pokrov

It is worth noting that today, leaked bloggers are spreading in various telegram channels and corresponding VK groups. However, as it turned out, a fake is offered everywhere. But we managed to find real hot erotic photos of the beauty. Basically, these are pictures in underwear and a swimsuit. But there are also shots where Anya Pokrov is naked. See the entire compilation with the naked Dream Team House member below.

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