American Pie Nude Actresses

Hot compilation of all the naked actresses from American Pie movies.

It is worth noting that the cult American comedy about teenagers and their problems was released in 1999. At the same time, the picture won love among millions of viewers around the world. The plot is built around five friends who are trying to say goodbye to their virginity for the prom. However, things are not going as planned. The very name of the film was due to one of the episodes with the main character Jim. Someone told him that the apple pie from the inside felt the same as the girl’s pussy. And he does not think for a long time, begins to masturbate in that notorious pie. And at the most piquant moment, his father caught him doing this.

The success was so great that the creators decided to shoot a sequel. As a result, many new parts and spin-offs were released:

  • American Pie 2
  • Wedding
  • Everyone is here
  • Music lager
  • American Pie: The Naked Mile
  • Trouble in the dorm
  • Book of love

American Pie Naked Actresses

As we said earlier, the main storyline in the film is sex. And of course, there were beautiful, young and sexy girls. In addition, in almost all parts of the comedy there were erotic scenes where girls shone with their bare breasts and asses without panties. Today we decided to collect for you all the most popular stars who starred in the “pie”. But all these American Pie actresses are naked. The entire selection is presented below, follow the link and open all the hot photos of naked celebrities.

Alison Hannigan
Meena Suvari
blank Tara Reid
blank Shannon Elizabeth
blank Natasha Lyonne
blank Jennifer Coolidge
blank Christina Milian
blank Denis Fay
blank Lisa Arturo
blank Bree Turner
blank January Jones
blank Katrina Bowden